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Lou finds himself saddled with a homicidal stalker shadowing his every move and the possible stalker suspect list is dark and dangerous. The whole office is stressed. So imagine how Lou feels late one evening when the plaintive cries of an animal in distress take him outside his home to find a kitten nailed to his front door. Lou is too late to save the poor creature, but as he is absorbing the threatening implications of the act, he receives a phone call. The voice is low and crazy. It is obvious that a seriously deranged person has targeted Lou for violence.

Lou's work with battered women has made him a target of angry husbands in the past, but only a few seem psychotic enough to pull such a sick stunt. As Lou's family and friends become victims of violent attacks, Lou must figure out the real motive. Is it an abusive husband taking revenge or are the attacks connected to one of the cases his firm is handling? Lou knows that his life and the lives of his loved ones depend on finding the truth and finding it fast!

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Memories from his past, unspeakable memories, flood his mind as he recognizes a man he considers a devil—pure evil. What to do? He needs help and he knows who to go to. Lou Corso, ex LAPD police detective and current security company chief, is at home alone, dozing in his chair when a scratching at his door wakes him.

He opens the door to find a former colleague, a PI he worked on a case with, in a bloody heap on his doorstep. Lou carries the severely injured man inside and strains to listen as the victim whispers a few words to him before the EMTs carry him away.

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The client or the killer? Lou wants to find out who attacked his friend, and his instincts tell him he needs to hurry because he may be next. They'd be murderers. But after an agonizing moment of fruitless appraisal, he sighed and curtly nodded his head. The men moved back toward the trunk of the car pushing with a mighty grunt.

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The car slid over the edge of the world and disappeared. He thought he heard a faint scream just as the car dropped from sight. In moments it was over. A long silence Excerpt and Synopsis.

Amber Dean papers at U. Set in part or all in Buffalo. Three teenage girls spend a summer in the Hamptons caring for the kids of a fabulously wealthy family. ThrillingDetective website. Alex Vaughn investigates another organized crime. DiChiara, A.

Grinning Man iUniverse, A romance novel supposedly with scenes in Buffalo. DiPirro, Philip K. Opens with a year old kidnapping of a young wife and mother in Buffalo, with extortion, murder, and theft from the mob along the way. Narrator returns to his parents' home in Hamlin Park with a cancer diagnosis and a failed marriage. Dooley, Roger B.

Author Obituary. Has scenes set at the Pan-American Exposition. A graphic novel set in Buffalo. Chapter One. Detective Nick Fowler, recently transferred from Buffalo, investigates a series of murders in a boys' school in "Ravenstown," NY.

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Chapter 19 describes passing by a post-apocalyptic Buffalo and onto the Niagara River, which has been reduced to a trickle. Not seen by this author. Fazzolari, Clifford J.

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Partially set in Buffalo, with local landmarks and businesses. Feder, Harriet K.

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Vivi, a high school student from Buffalo, accompanies her rabbi father to a Seneca reservation where a Jewish girl was supposedly felled by an unknown archer. Kindle Edition. Political corruption in Buffalo during Grover Cleveland's years as mayor.

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Fitzgerald, F. Includes short stories based on Fitzgerald's childhood in Buffalo. Twenty years old, talented and beautiful, Kerensa Fiori had life all figured out. Ford, Joan E. Set in , the hero and heroine of this novel escape from slavery and settle for a time in Buffalo. The ruthless Washington journalist is this novel is born and raised in Buffalo, getting his start, according to Jeff Simon, at a newspaper modeled on the Buffalo Courier-Express.

Features short stories with Jewish themes set in Buffalo. Author's Website Excerpt. The first novel in a projected mystery series featuring Fran Kirk, a battered woman who lives in Cheektowaga. Fran Kirk is called to a natural foods farm in Wyoming County to determine whether the accidental death of a farmhand is really an accident. Nervo City of Steel Set in the s in Lackawanna, NY among immigrants from Italy.

A fictionalized account of the famous English captive who chose to accept the Seneca people as her own. Jemison lived for several years on the Buffalo Creek reservation and was buried there before being reinterred at Letchworth State Park. Dust Jacket Copy. Short stories with occasional mentions of Buffalo locales. Local author, local publisher. An early coming-out novel possibly set in Buffalo. Deals with lesbian and Jewish identity. Populated with dead-end druggies and their dealers whose only goal is to make it until their next score, Godsave paints a bleak, but compelling look into a downward spiral that sucks in five different, but damned characters.

As the facts unfold, another crime is committed; this time, more serious than ever. If you enjoy skiing and if you like planes, this is the book for you. Appears to be a Western. Not able to determine if it has the local scenery implied by the title. Meet Buffalonian Michael Seeley, a take-no-prisoners intellectual property litigator—and a man on the brink of personal and career collapse.

So when United Pictures virtually demands that he fly out to Hollywood to confirm legally that they own the rights to their corporate cash-cow franchise of Spykiller films, he has little choice but to comply. Aiden fights to deal with the struggles of everyday life while attempting to accomplish the one dream he has had since he was a child, to become the champion of the world. Mary and Joseph are a nice couple from Buffalo.

They truly love each other, but when he finds out she's expecting and the baby isn't his, he breaks their engagement. The kids decide to find a life of their own They ride elephants in India, escape deadly piranhas in the Amazon River, and hail a water taxi to visit the beautiful boat city of Hong Kong—all without leaving the apartment above the family tailor shop in Buffalo Putnam's Sons, The mother of the detective novel, a Buffalo native, sets scenes in Buffalo in this novel.

Black []. Rube's team faces off against the Buffalo Bisons for the pennant. Gurney, A.