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More Detail. Less Detail. Get directions to this location from:. Household Population Household Structure. Age of Children. Family Structure and Presence of Children. Education Education Level. Employment Employment Industry. Employment Rate. Commuter Travel To Work. Cultural Diversity Knowledge of Official Language. Try as I could, I failed to picture Thomas locking horns with Mr. Ridley or Mr. Jarvis; in either case it would be like a feather doing battle with a stone. A movement from the corner interrupted my thoughts.

Something had stirred under the straw. The playwright pulled some crumbs out of his pocket and whistled softly.

I glanced over to see two black eyes and a quivering snout emerge from under the straw. I wanted to remain angry with the playwright, but there was so little else to do. The rat was large and grey when it fully emerged. As it approached, then scurried away, stood on its hind legs, sniffed the air, and squeaked, the creature excited first my attention and, before very long, something else. Its shining eyes and eagerness drew tender pity from some deep well inside me.

The playwright threw a crumb, which the rat caught in its pink hands. Is that not so? I s it my judgment that Simon Rose fears? Do I hold a blade of condemnation over his quivering form, as I did over my mother and Mr.

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Ridley, without even knowing it? I listen to the crackling fire and try to imagine the workings of a mind still plagued by nightmares after more than forty years of life, a mind so terrified of an old woman that approaching her is out of the question—even when a loved one goes missing, even when the old woman may hold some particle of information about the disappearance. What would my playwright companion have made of such a creature? What demons of guilt or fear must cower within such a breast?

Helen Sheila NaGeira Pike’s tracks

The plaintive search still goes on in the darkness beyond. I hear footfalls in the forest, the snapping of twigs, men calling to each other.

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They have given up calling her name. Soon dawn will lift the veil of night, and any forlorn hopes lurking in the darkness will scatter into comfortless day. The searchers will realize the lost one has slipped beyond reclamation. They will return to their homes to plan for more searches, but hope will have gone from them.

Helen Sheila NaGeira Pike’s tracks

A rustle of leaves and the scuff of wood—something stirs outside, very close to my door. My heart stops as I turn from the fire. Simon Rose has come! He has braved the night at last because he suspects I know what happened to Sara. The door slowly creaks open and I rise, my breath suspended. But Elizabeth Rose, not Simon, slips in.

Elizabeth gives a nervous smile. The firelight shines golden pools in her eyes and I see they are filling with tears. Yet I understand the danger is passing. Whatever Emma has told her mother, it is nothing that will damn me. His efforts of settlement here in the s are not recognized in any nomenclature of the town.

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It was these early planters and their workers who should be recognized and who contributed greatly to the growth of our town. Why do we cling so desperately to a Princess Sheila story? The Sheila NaGeira story should be regarded as folklore, yet funnily enough, it is becoming more real with every telling.

Nowhere in his research is there a link between his family and that of a Sheila NaGeira. He states that in his preamble. It would give me great pleasure to know that someone discovered a credible, recorded, 17th or 18th century reference to either Sheila or Gilbert. I would suggest that anyone promoting the Sheila story note that it is folklore and not recorded history. Top News.

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